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Go Northern Lights hunting in Autumn

When most people think of the Northern Lights, they imagine frozen lakes and zzxaseveral feet of snow. But, believe it or not, there’s a better time to go and hunt that once in a lifetime experience – autumn.

Why Autumn?

For a start, it’s usually much warmer than the deep artic winter, so you won’t normally have to get kitted out in snowsuits or ski-gear. There is a chance of some snow and it’s not going to be tropical, but jeans and a heavy jacket will usually do the trick – maybe with a thermal vest underneath if things get a little chillier.

Most importantly for the avid Aurora Borealis hunter is that the snow clouds have not yet gathered in earnest and so the skies are much clearer. Cloud cover is the enemy, so the better the weather the better your chances of a sighting.

The lights are at their most frequent in late autumn, but the later you go the more the risk your hike will turn into a snowshoe trek so it’s your call.

September 21st is the start of the

Discovering the Great Blue Hole

When Jacques Cousteau puts a dive site on his Top Ten list, then you know it must zwqbe good. That’s what I was reminding myself as I descended along a wall into the depths of the Great Blue Hole, a World Heritage Site off the coast of Belize. So far, it was dark.

But suddenly, the wall gave way to a cavern. I peered through the gloom to discern massive limestone columns suspended from the ceiling of the cave. This eerie, upside-down forest resembled nothing I had ever seen above or below the surface of the ocean. That’s what motivates divers to cross the 70km from the Belize mainland to the Blue Hole: the chance to experience the other-worldliness of our amazing earth.

Snorkeling the Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is basically a giant sinkhole—a vertical cave—in the middle of Light House Reef Atoll. The near perfect circle is almost 1000 feet across, so while you can get a vague idea of its outline from the edge, it’s more easily visible from the air. The hole is about 400 feet

Six tips to getting a good nights sleep on a long haul flight

Travelling on a short haul flight is easy, you enjoy a coffee and a bun and you are zmnoff again with hardly any time to enjoy 40 winks.

But on a long haul flight, falling asleep in an economy seat is a luxury that for many of us is elusive. And that’s a shame because sleeping is the best way to prevent jet lag.

So here are six things to consider in order to maximise the chances of getting some shut-eye:

1. Clothing

Get dressed for the occasion. Layers of comfortable, loose clothes is perfect so that you can take on or put on items as the temperature in the cabin fluctuates.

2. Seating

Get yourself a window seat so you can shut the blind and have something to lean on. Dropping off on an stranger’s shoulder may get you into trouble.

3. Relaxation

There are herbal remedies available that make you drowsy and promote a much more satisfying sleep than alcohol.

4. Noise

There may be inflight entertainment but to be sure of hearing something you like, bring

Guide to Finding Cheap Tel Aviv Flights

Tel Aviv is a beautiful metropolitan city with millions of tourists visiting every year. It can be used as a home base for you to visit the attractions in nearby regions. From Tel Aviv, you will be able to travel to other nearby regions in Israel such as Jerusalem, Cesaerea, and Galilee. It takes about 3 – 4 hours to travel by bus to the regions in the northern part of Israel. It will take an approximate 5 – 6 hours for a bus to reach Eilat, which is located in the southern part of Israel.

There are many different choices of carriers for tourists who want to fly to Tel Aviv in Israel. One of the most popular carriers that many people choose when traveling to Israel is El Al. This is because El Al is the national airline of Israel. El Al offers non stop as well as indirect Tel Aviv flights. The passenger aircrafts are actually converted from military aircrafts to ensure a safe flight. Currently, the home terminal of El Al is located at the Ben Gurion Airport.

If you are looking to save money on Tel Aviv flights, you should travel in the middle of the

Started to Plan Jake’s Birthday Party

It is going to be coming up at the beginning of September and about thirty or so of his friends have decided to go out and celebrate. In fact the big idea is to go and see what it could cost us to get a party limo bus rental for the night. Obviously we would get them to pick us and drop us off at one place, or perhaps several. Most of us live relatively near one another in Hamilton and so that should not be that big of a deal. There is a place there which is in easy walking distance for about two thirds of the people who are interested. The big idea is to go out, drink a few beers and not wake up the next morning in jail with a drunk driving arrest. For someone like me that would be a catastrophe.

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Easy Ways To Book Hotel In Puncak

It is a pretty common thing that when traveling somewhere, booking hotel comes next into your list. Like the time you choose Puncak as your travel destination. Puncak is very popular for its great view, its tea plant, and more. That is why for every weekend or holiday bunches families prepare themselves to enjoy Puncak. Do you have the same idea for this weekend? Then, you will find how to book hotels in Puncak useful. But first thing’s first, ensure that you know where to go to book hotel in Puncak. Many websites to book hotel online can be very helpful, however, it leads to confusion, since you have no idea which site to book hotel to rely on. All of them say about good things for the services that they offer. There are some good sites to visit, but Mister Aladin is worth picking as booking there is as easy as pie.

There are some ways to find hotel in Puncak with Mister Aladin as your companion. First, you can filter the hotel through per night cost from the lowest to the highest rate, which mean you can directly choose your hotel based on the budget that you have.

Laser Tattoo removal

Many people will have older methods of tattoo removal in mind when the subject comes up. Naturally, these folks will imagine that the only way to get ink out of your skin is to painfully dig or scrape it out. As a result, removal can often be dismissed immediately simply because that kind of trauma is not attractive to anyone.

However, the most common method now used is tattoos removal laser. This doesn’t require any of the older methods invasive procedures, while it is still extremely effective, unlike the creams that are available. These are relatively inexpensive and painless, but if they don’t do anything, they’re hardly a bargain.

What you will want are specialists in laser removal, and your best choice will be Tataway. They have locations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Bethlehem, PA. For more information about their services, you can visit their website at tataway.com.

Easy To Cook Delicious Beef Stir Fry Recipe

Have no idea about what to cook for your family? How about beef recipe? Those with good skill in cooking may have no problem to process beef as they are used to it, but for those who have no much experience may find it is difficult. But the good thing is, the beef recipe that you find herein is quite easy to cook. It is beef stir fry recipe, if you want to know. In fact, not only the cooking process that is very easy, but also when it comes to the material to cook the recipe.

Starting for the preparation of the materials, then you will need beef, vegetable oil, onion, garlic, leek, butter, Royco seasoning with beef flavor, black pepper, salt, mushroom, and soy sauce. Finish with the preparation, now it is the time the process all of the ingredients. Unlike another beef recipe that you may find, it takes only two steps to cook the beef. First, you need to mix the following ingredients, such as; garlic, Royco seasoning, vegetable oil, beef, and black pepper. Ensure that you mix all of the ingredients evenly. Second, heat the pan, then put the butter

Escort Girls In New York City That Meets Your Needs

How you describe your ideal girl? The one that is hot with sensuality like those top models that you see on TV or the calmer type, but amazingly beautiful? Anyway, for whatever your answer, the most important part is, whether you already get that kind of girl or not. Just in case you are not, but expect to experience one while visiting New York, then New York city escorts are the only thing that you need, thus no more chasing. So, what the things that can be done by escorts girl for you? In fact, there is a plethora of things.

But you know, in the way to obtain the service that you want from a certain escort girls agency in New York, it is suggested that you know how to fulfill the requirements from the agency. Indeed, you are they important clients, however they need to ensure that you have capability not only to pay the service, but also maintain the safety of their escort girls. But let say that you have no any problem with the aforesaid here are services that you can access when choosing a reliable escort agency in

How to Have the Perfect Holiday in Cirebon

After you have prepared for the time in Cirebon, you need to make sure to choose where the hotel that you are going to choose. There are many kinds of hotels that you can choose in Cirebon but commonly we are so confused in choosing where the best hotel is based on the budget that we have. Well, you do need to be worried. You can try to click Mister Aladin and you will be able to get the best deal for the Cheap accommodation in Cirebon. You can easily click and choose which one of the hotel that you are going to choose based on your own budget. You will not need to be worried again and when you are in Cirebon for your holiday, you will be happy to enjoy your time here. Good luck for preparing for your own holiday and enjoy your days in Cirebon and happy holiday.

Do you have any hobby? What is your hobby? Well, I believe that you will have so many hobbies to do during your spare time. We believe that everyone has their own favorite time to do when they are in their leisure time. Doing

Stunning Escort Girls in Brussels

Are you wondering where to find the best escort girls in Brussels? If you are, you must like to consider Girls46.com to be one of the right places to go when you want to call any Brussels escort girls. This website offers huge collection of impressive and beautiful girls with high class professionalism and fineness in erotic plays. You will certainly be pleasantly surprised by them. Thus, if you are searching for such a support in any event such as VIP resting on private parties or romantic dinner in a restaurant, they will be ready to help you.

The website will be ready to organize luxury rest based in your preferences and caprices. All of the ladies provided on the website are certainly selected and they have natural beauty as well as good mannered. Moreover, they are also educated and you will be not disappointed with their service. Once you call any girl in this website, you will be able to spend a pretty nice time with real sexy and beautiful girls that will leave you impressive and unforgettable impressions. Furthermore, all the ladies are ready to travel in any direction with you. Then, the

Trekinmorocco Makes a Camel Trek Holiday in Sahara a Wonderful Experience

A Camel trip in Morocco is going to take you straight into the center of the renowned Sahara Desert. The Algerian border that had been initiated in the recent times implies that you are now able to travel without restraint in that region, which put in a pristine aspect to a camel trekking experience.

Trekinmorocco offers a vastly experienced and skilled squad that will help you in seeing

  • Kasbahs
  • Orange sand mounds that are large and minute
  • Mountain summits at the distance,
  • Oases
  • The gorge of Thousand Kasbahs
  • Sunrises &sunsets that are so gorgeous you are going to cherish them forever and
  • ‘Moroccan Hollywood’

Certainly, a great deal of you time is also going to be spent riding on top of camels. These are astonishing creatures and the accepted option for riding your way through the scorched attractiveness of Moroccan desert.

Keep in mind that a Camel Trek Holiday in Sahara isn’t the sole way of getting around the antique landscape. Land Rovers & 4×4’s are capable of taking you out and about the desert. You can also arrange on travelling definite neighborhoods on foot for getting to witness them additionally closely.

Each and every one of the Camel Trek Holiday in Sahara that is listed by Trekinmorocco can be altered,

Mission Tour in Pattaya

Arrive in Bangkok and after you receive your luggage and clear Thai customs, you will be greeted by our private chauffeur/driver who will take you to the Westin Grande Sukhumvit hotel in the heart of the action in Bangkok. This is a beautiful first class hotel. Take the rest of the day to recover from your long flight.

Depending on when you arrive, and how you feel after a long flight, we will have casually planned activites available to join in when you arrive. For example if you arrive in the afternoon, we can go to the JJ Weekend Market, which is a crazy crazy swap meet type of event.

In evening if you have arrived, we can go to dinner together.

If later, we can hit a club or disco to the wee hours, However remember you have a scooter tour in the morning and a long week, so maybe you’ll want to get some rest too.

A long exciting day ahead in Bangkok.  After your huge buffet breakfast, we will get picked up at our hotel for a scooter tour of Bangkok. You will ride on the back of the scooter while our professional drivers take you through Bangkok. Our tour leader

Lonavala, A Quaint Hamlet That Offers The Best Opportunities To Relish Nature, History, And Culture

Falling within the province of the Pune district, Lonavala and Khandala are two of the most frequented hill stations in India. Lonavala, in particular, finds popularity amongst the nature buffs, adventurers, hikers, and travelers looking for a tranquil break from the same old daily schedule. The place has an abundance of nature and is simply a love-at-first-sight. Nature resides here at its bliss and every morning is full of freshness. As the chirping birds awaken oneself, it is pleasant to see the rays of the rising sun playing hide and seek with the thick morning fogs. But, as the day advances, the surrounding gets clearer, unveiling the stunning hills, verdant valleys, milky waterfalls, and numerous other allures of the region.
Mumbai and Pune are at 90 k.m. and 65 k.m. from the beautiful hamlet, respectively, and are the cities from where the highest concentration of backpackers flocks to Lonavala. There exists excellent road connectivity linking all. The road itself is heavenly and it gets quieter and the surroundings become more beautiful as you approach the town. Every year a large count of tourists visit Lonavala, thus, the place can be easily put in the group of most popular and

Consider Staying One Night in Agra

Are you planning to visit the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and confused whether you want to travel by car or train to reach the destination? Well, it is just a matter of choice and budget. Usually the train takes lesser time to reach Agra than by road. There are some fast trains that can make you reach the destination in less than two hours and the car can take between 3 to 5 hours depending upon the traffic on the road. Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi is the fastest way to reach the city.

Taj Mahal Tour Packages includes sight seeing of various world heritage sites including Taj Mahal, Fatehput Sikri, Agra Fort, Red Fort and many more. The best time to leave Delhi is in the early morning hours between 4 to 7 AM. This tour would make you feel at ease as there would not be many visitors in such early hours. You can see the Taj Mahal for the second time at night time, when it feels like a bliss. You can also combine the car and the train tour which would help you save time and effort. There are several more

Luxury Hotels in Liwa Oasis

Sometimes, all a person needs is a quick dose of escape from the harsh realities and stresses of life. This is where a place like Abu Dhabi comes into picture. Unlike it neighbor, Dubai, Abu Dhabi isn’t filled with traffic snarls and too many tourists. Instead it is an oasis in the rich oil desert, with stunning landscapes and lesser commotion. Close to the city is the oasis of Liwa, a beautiful destination that overlooks enchanting nature views and luxurious accommodations. There are plenty of hotels in Liwa that serve a variety of services for different clients. If you are interested in refreshing yourself and your spirits, then this is the place you must try out.


Along with Liwa, you have an option of living in Hotels in Shah. Shah is a region close to Abu Dhabi that serves as a secluded romantic gateway for honeymooning partners and lovers. These two destinations are ideal for living luxuriously, yet staying in proximity with Abu Dhabi’s places of interest.

Hotels in Liwa Oasis are opulent and will lure you to try luxurious ways of living. With beautiful gardens, deep blue waters, spacious views, enthralling balcony views, pools, bathtubs and mouth watering,

Ergchebbi Tours Rediscovering The Sahara

There are a number of professional tourist organizers who conduct regular sight-seeing trips to Sahara desert and Morocco. South Morocco is a place of tourist attraction owing to its natural beauty as well as the historic set up. The spectacular Atlas Mountain, the lush green palms, the Kasbahs of prehistoric times and the villages with walls made of handmade soil bricks are the attractions at Morocco. Tourists will have the exciting experiences of travelling over camels along the sandy desert of Sahara and spending some time in the villages in the company of the Berber people. The tourist organizers offer various packages for the Morocco Desert Tour for single travelers as well as groups. During the trip there will be special programs such as camel treks, sightseeing trips at Marrakech and Fez, and adventure programs in Morocco. The guides from the agencies will accompany the tourists and stay with them at Morocco. There are daily pre-scheduled departures and they provide all comforts and facilities to the tourists throughout the trip.

As part of the package the organizers will arrange accommodation for the tourists in reputed hotels, riads and Kasbahs. They ensure the best quality rooms and foods at the hotels at

Viharamahadevi Park A Shady Oasis in the City

Despite it being a small country, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital Colombo is a busy city, bursting with life and activity. The city is kept beautiful with well maintained greenery, from grand old trees lining the streets, to colourful flowers and interesting plants. Yet travellers to the country when visiting this city may want a place to head over to for relaxation, an oasis from this city life. For this they will find that Viharamahadevi Park is the perfect place to stop over at, as it is a beautiful site and a true getaway from the activity all around.

The park was originally called Victoria Park following the countries colonial rule and later was renamed Viharamahadevi Park after one of the countries own local queens, who was the mother of one of the country’s best known ancient rulers. The majesty in its name is reflected in the environment, as the premises is definitely a favourite among all. Surrounded by various trees and other fauna and home to various colourful butterflies and birds, it is a peaceful location to spend some time. Visitors will enjoy picnicking in the shade of a tree, admiring the environment all around. It is also a popular site

The Trip Was a Success Without Any Problems

When my sister told me that she was getting married, I was so happy for her. But when she told me that she would be getting married in Paris, I feared that I would not be able to make it to the wedding. I have a full time job that is tough to get away from, and so does my husband. We also have a daughter who is only two. But my sister said she would help us plan everything from using taxibooker.net for airport transportation, to a place to stay, and anything else that we would need help with. She knows the city well and knows all the ins and outs of everything there. She has been there many times for business and she lived there for one year during her college years.

I had to trust that my favorite relative would be able to make our plans easier.

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Viharamahadevi Park A Shady Oasis in the City

Despite it being a small country, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital Colombo is a busy city, bursting with life and activity. The city is kept beautiful with well maintained greenery, from grand old trees lining the streets, to colourful flowers and interesting plants. Yet travellers to the country when visiting this city may want a place to head over to for relaxation, an oasis from this city life. For this they will find that Viharamahadevi Park is the perfect place to stop over at, as it is a beautiful site and a true getaway from the activity all around.


The park was originally called Victoria Park following the countries colonial rule and later was renamed Viharamahadevi Park after one of the countries own local queens, who was the mother of one of the country’s best known ancient rulers. The majesty in its name is reflected in the environment, as the premises is definitely a favourite among all. Surrounded by various trees and other fauna and home to various colourful butterflies and birds, it is a peaceful location to spend some time. Visitors will enjoy picnicking in the shade of a tree, admiring the

Charming Places To Visit In Coorg

Coorg, which is also called Kodagu is one of the most picturesque destinations in the country. Blessed with a cool climate, it is often included in a number of South India tour packages. Here are some of the wonderful attractions you can visit and sights you can see in this wonderful location:

Abbey Falls:

These beautiful falls are situated at a distance of 5 kms from the main town. Surrounded by greenery this cascading waterfall is a true sight for sore eyes. To get to the bottom of the falls you need to climb down a lovely path through thick foliage. Abbey Falls fall from a height of 70 feet, making for quite a spectacle. The song of birds that live around it as well as the scent of coffee that Coorg is famous for along with the view of the falls makes you feel like you have been transported to a magical land.



The river island of Nisargadharma provides an amazing experience. Just getting to the island is an adventure as you have cross a hanging bridge to reach the island form the mainland. While safe, the bridge still provides a slight thrill

Eights Basic Things You Must Know About Lagos

So, if you are planning to go Lagos this time then you should know some interesting facts about Lagos. You might know the basic information about Lagos but let’s have a quick recap of the basic information.

Lagos is the economical capital of Nigeria after the British rule. Lagos has two main regions called the city area and the Lagos Island, the Island is the favorite spot for tourists because of being near to Atlantic Ocean.


Lagos has number of markets, hotels & resorts, luxury parks, beaches, and historical places which makes it a perfect holiday destination in Africa.

The city area has a large number of slum communities and life is bit a hassle in city area but it’s the city area which adds maximum contribution to the total revenue of Nigeria.

Below are some more interesting knowledge facts about Lagos:

  1. Being near to Atlantic Ocean, you will see the seagulls flying all across the city, the seagulls are bit big in size. Watch out for their splash on your from the sky
  2. If you love to drink, then Lagos will surely a place of your type. Imperial is specialty of Lagos, Imperial is a small

Top Places to Visit In and Around Pretoria

South Africa is an enchanting and diverse country, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations for all those who are willing to board a long haul flight to get there. From Cape Town to Johannesburg, the country boasts a wealth of breath-taking landscapes and culture to explore, so much so that any visitor will need to return time and time again to best experience the country.

Pretoria is one South African city that is not a hotspot on the typical South African tourist trail, but is definitely worth visiting for any traveller making a subsequent visit to the country, or for the holidaymaker that is looking for a more uniqueexperience.

SouthAfrica’s administrative capital, Pretoria, is located in Gauteng province and is a very short distance away from Johannesburg, which is the country’s largest city. For those who decide to spend their time exploring all that this smaller urban area has to offer, here is a selection of the top sights to see and activities to experience.

The first place that any visitorto Pretoria has to visit is the Union Building, which is where the President of South Africa is based. With the architecture

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